Epic Adventure Awaits

We have been working quietly under the radar for a while now, but as we’ll be needing some help from some awesome people in the near future we figured it was time to open up the hood and tell you what we’ve been working on and also mention briefly what lies ahead.

IMG_6731On the outsourcing side we have been supplying a never-ending stream of creativeness to the wonderful universe of LittleBigPlanet™ on behalf of Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe and we have created in-game art and marketing for Appstore featured Snipers VS Thieves published by Playstack Ltd and developed by our friends at Foxglove Studios to name a few.

On the development side our latest focus has been on our F2P action game for mobile and tablets that we plan to release this summer, really exciting!
We have also been busy with concept development and prototyping which have resulted in some awesome projects which we now are about to start, yeay!

IMG_6737So there we are. We have a self-published game to release this summer, a steady stream of outsourcing assignments for great clients on successful games and franchises and two(2) awesome new productions –  we need people!

A lot of people actually, and good ones too!
We need production/project management, concept artists, illustrator, character- and environment artists, animator, game- and level designers, narrative designer/game writer, gameplay programmers and more!

In fact, if you feel left out and mistreated because the perfect position for your awesome kick-ass skills that we cannot live without is not listed – let us know!

IMG_6742bExciting times lies ahead and if you would like to join us for the ride and have a chance to make a great impact on our future games, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Check out our recruitment page at http://www.station-interactive.com/jobs/

… and get in touch at career@thestation.se


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