The Station? Wait, weren’t you guys called Tarsier Studios?

Ah, yes! As Station Master Mattias Nygren decided to leave the role as CEO of Tarsier Studios, he and the board and founders agreed that the two respective offices (Malmö & Karlshamn) would have the greatest potential to evolve if they could continue their journey in the industry as two independent entities.

Do you still love each other?

Yes? The greater part of us have been working together for a long time as friends and co-workers and even though the co-worker part has changed, the friends part hasn’t. <3

Did you guys make LittleBigPlanet™?

No, the first game and thus the franchise was conceived by Media Molecule, backed by SCEE. Some of us on the staff have however been involved in assisting with content since before even the first game was released. Tarsier Studios, where most of us were previously employed, had the entire creative responsibility for LittleBigPlanet™ PS®Vita so some of us would at least go as far as claiming that ‘We made that’.

Are you Indie?

Yes. Or…what is Indie? We are privately owned, convinced that we can conjure up some really original stuff, our salaries are modest and we enjoy curry just as much as the next guy?