Level Designer

As a Level Designer you will create concepts, paper designs and white-boxes of levels within established sets of rules for the current project. You will work with other designers to ensure the overall vision of the project is represented on the game levels. You will be involved in all the steps of the level production from the initial layout, prototyping, gameplay validation phase and into final gameplay implementation and optimization phase.

You will develop the maps within the gameplay system constraints, always seeking to ensure the requested rhythm, difficulty, planned script … while keeping it “fun”.


Job Tasks:

  • Create concepts, paper designs and white-boxes of levels within established sets of rules, in order to produce interesting locations, objectives, puzzles, narrative elements and challenging AI encounters that utilize the core mechanics of the game
  • Hands-on development of level layouts through all stages of development. You will own and implement levels from concept to final
  • Collaborate with other disciplines to ensure levels maintain a high quality in design, art, animation, visual effects, lighting and sounds
  • Participate in design and level design sessions to understand the outline of the game experience
  • Communicate your designs to the team and ensure consistency with the Lead Designer/ Lead Level Designer‘s vision
  • Help to maintain and prioritize backlogs and polish lists for your levels
  • Participate in feedback of other designers’ work


  • Excellent Unity skills

  • Experience working with Unity C#

  • Previous game industry experience

  • Team player with good communication skills

  • Self-starter

  • Solution-oriented

  • Fluent in English, both verbally and in writing

  • Willing to relocate to Karlshamn Sweden

Additional Skills and Traits

  • Experience working with other leading game engines.

  • Lighting experience
  • Performance awareness

  • An eye for the aesthetics

Why work with us?

We are a great mix of singles, couples and parents, from people in their 20s to people in their 40s. At The Station, we take pride in always delivering High Quality in a timely manner no matter the project and now we are looking for a fantastic Gameplay programmer and outstanding co-worker to join our coding team! If you think you fit the description and have the heart in the right place (generally in the left side of the chest) and are eager to reconsider a change for Karlshamn and a career at the Station we can boast;

10 meters to the ocean

30 meters to swimming (nearest place where you can bathe without getting run over by a schooner)

2 restaurants within 40 meters

500 meters to the pub

Opportunity to learn in a professional environment with passionate people

Flexible work hours, 6 week paid vacation for a better work/life balance

Send your application along with your CV, personal letter to career@thestation.se


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